Try out Jiglu for free on a cloud-hosted or local server or ask us about a managed hosting solution

Amazon Web Services

If you are an AWS customer it's very easy to install our Jiglu machine image on a virtual server. All the components you need are installed and pre-configured but you will need to add your own SSL certificate.

Instructions on installing the image and the basic steps needed after can be found on our support site, where we'll also give you help if you have any problems.

Download and install

To install Jiglu on your own machine you'll need a Linux server with PostgreSQL, Tomcat and Apache. We've made the installation as easy as possible, though you will need some basic system administration skills. Once it's installed you can configure everything you need through the application.

You'll find the full instructions on our support site, where we'll also try and help you get going if you run into any problems.

Hosted solution

We'll happily set you up with your own Jiglu service that we host and manage. Drop us a line at and we'll find out some more about your needs and give you a quote.

Downloading or installing Jiglu is subject to our software licence.