Jiglu is the smarter enterprise social software solution that unifies teams and their information resources

Bring together content and conversations

Content loves conversations

Too many information sharing solutions end up just introducing another information silo. And if there's one thing the Jiglu team hate more than anything else it's siloed information.

Jiglu's guiding principle is to bring together content and conversations - wherever they reside - and find the connections that bring more value to both.

Keep updated across your information world

Activity stream

Jiglu's Radar brings you real-time updates of relevant items on your own personalised home page.

Every second of the day, the Radar is watching for the information that matters to you in your job. This could be a post on the web, a reply to a message you wrote in a collaboration space, a new document on the local intranet or an instant message from a co-worker. No matter where it comes from you'll find it on your personal activity stream. The Radar also keeps track of tasks you've been assigned, topics that you are interested in and trends from across your groups.

Gain understanding with Jiglu Dynamic Discovery

Discovery and analysis

At the heart of Jiglu is its Dynamic Discovery engine, automatically tagging and cross-linking all the content it sees.

Brand names, companies, people, sectors and other subjects will be automatically recognised and tagged by the engine. Its tag ranking algorithm ensures names get noticed even if they are for topics of only local relevance. Automated trend analysis surfaces emerging themes, letting you pick up on industry shifts that might otherwise be lost in the noise.

The natural language processing at the heart of the Jiglu Dynamic Discovery engine also powers its automated opinion valence detection: analysing whether an item of content is positive, negative or neutral. This allows you to quickly see how people view a topic and drill-down to content where you need to take action.

The flow of information through the system is also automatically tracked. This enables you to see the whole story as you follow conversations between external web site commentary and internal discussions, or as discussions move across individual groups with different subject areas.

Let users pick an information flow that fits them

Information flow

Jiglu lets users stay in touch with new content and activities in a way that suits their personal information flow.

The Jiglu Radar dashboard keeps users updated in real time to events across all their groups. In each collaboration space or blog the home page summarises the most important new activity. Within spaces, e-mails of group discussions are available for members who prefer working in their inbox, while daily e-mail newsletters bring users back to the site when new content is published. It's up to each user how they choose to work and what content they want to prioritise.

Use Jiglu on a desktop browser, tablet or smartphone, the HTML 5 presentation will adapt to your device.

Keep the value in your data for yourself

Secure your value

Upload your files to many cloud sharing and collaboration services and you're giving them the right to extract value from your data and your interactions with their service. With Jiglu you're the only one who gets to see your content and the only one to realise the additional value Jiglu's data mining adds.

Strong but flexible access control mechanisms and workflow give you the control that is right for your organisation and your individual teams. Security best practices have been incorporated throughout, minimising the risk of confidential data ending up where it shouldn't.